CoreAlign® 1

CoreAlign® 1

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Trainer: Audrey D'Cotta

Hours: 16


  • 31 Jul 2020 (1pm - 7pm)
  • 1 Aug 2020 (3pm - 7pm)
  • 2 Aug 2020 (1pm - 7pm)

Course Fees: $955 SGD 

EARLY BIRD PROMOTION: $845 SGD (valid until 30 Apr 2020)


CoreAlign® 1: Foundations (16 hours)

CoreAlign® 1: Foundations, is the heart of the CoreAlign® training program. The course includes the theoretical basis of the CoreAlign® method along with essential exercises designed to show you the full potential of the CoreAlign® method. The course includes:

  • 60+ Foundation exercises designed to build functional movement skills applicable to daily life and athletic pursuits.
  • Exercise in supine, all fours, plank and standing positions.
  • Specific exercise Tracks to focus on Trunk Integration, Upper Body Strength and Balance, Lower Body Strength and Power, Gait and Dynamic Flexibility.
  • Progressions and regressions to address clients at different levels of ability.
  • Specific modifications and precautions for working with clients with injuries and special populations.
  • CoreAlign® unit set up and safety.
  • The Balanced Body® Movement Principles to make your training more efficient, effective and safe

*Recommended for Pilates instructors, personal trainers, and movement therapists

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You will have to do CoreAlign 1 & 2 before your test out. 

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