CoreAlign® brings the mind-body, rehabilitation and fitness worlds together in one unique apparatus which puts the fun in functional!

A revolutionary apparatus, CoreAlign® improves strength, balance, posture and functional movement patterns.

Developed by Jonathan Hoffman, a physical therapist and fitness enthusiast, CoreAlign® was created with the belief that the body functions and heals best when movements are anatomically sound and balanced. As a training tool, CoreAlign® exercises are designed to create harmony between controlled stability and dynamic mobility, resulting in a strong, healthy and vibrant body. Clients at all fitness levels will feel the difference after one session.

The CoreAlign® method stimulates our core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing functional exercises, deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training. This makes it a perfect addition to a Pilates studio, personal training or physical therapy practice. The method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and general conditioning for overall wellness.

CoreAlign® can be used as a stand-alone exercise practice or as a complement to existing Pilates programming. In either case, CoreAlign® can bring endless variety to enhance clients’ experiences, health and fitness.

The CoreAlign® frame encloses two tracks and carts, which move independently with smooth resistance (or assistance). The resistance is created by six elastic tubes on each cart. Resistance/assistance is possible in one or both directions. The CoreAlign® is extraordinarily versatile with hundreds of completely new and unique movement exercises.

CoreAlign® Instructor Training

The Movement Academy is proud to offer the full CoreAlign® Teacher Training program from Balanced Body® in Singapore -- including Final Test Out. See program details below. Individual modules can also be taken to enhance your professional toolkit in effective exercise training, particularly for sports-specific and gait training. It is strongly recommended that individuals interested in CoreAlign® training have a good background in movement, such as Pilates instructors, personal trainers and physical therapists.

CoreAlign® Instructor Training Program Modules

CoreAlign® training includes two modules. Each module is unique, functional, challenging and incredibly fun!

CoreAlign® 1: Foundations (16 hours)

CoreAlign® 1: Foundations, is the heart of the CoreAlign® training program. The course includes the theoretical basis of the CoreAlign® method along with essential exercises designed to show you the full potential of the CoreAlign® method. The course includes:

  • 60+ Foundation exercises designed to build functional movement skills applicable to daily life and athletic pursuits.
  • Exercise in supine, all fours, plank and standing positions.
  • Specific exercise Tracks to focus on Trunk Integration, Upper Body Strength and Balance, Lower Body Strength and Power, Gait and Dynamic Flexibility.
  • Progressions and regressions to address clients at different levels of ability.
  • Specific modifications and precautions for working with clients with injuries and special populations.
  • CoreAlign® unit set up and safety.
  • The Balanced Body® Movement Principles to make your training more efficient, effective and safe.

CoreAlign® 2: Progressions (16 hours)

CoreAlign® 2: Progressions builds on the foundation of CoreAlign® 1, with many of the progressions in CoreAlign® 2 extending from the primary exercises learned in CoreAlign® 1. CoreAlign® 2 also includes additional exercise categories, training options and teaching techniques unique to CoreAlign®.

  • Progressions of plank and standing exercises to address a range of training goals from core stabilization to creating integrated rotation for throwing sports.
  • Techniques for modifying exercises by using rotator discs or varying the direction and level of resistance.
  • Exercises to challenge balance, coordination and complex movement patterns to prepare clients for all of life's challenges.

Fully-Qualified CoreAlign® Instructor

Fully-qualified CoreAlign® Instructors must successfully complete:

  • Successful completion of CA1: Foundations + CA2: Progressions
  • 30 personal sessions
  • 10 CoreAlign® observation hours
  • 100 CoreAlign® student teaching hours prior to the final test out
  • Final test out

The test itself consists of both written and practical components. 

CoreAlign® Bridge Program

Students who started with the original CoreAlign® program and want to complete their course of study have several bridge options available to them. We recommend you contact your CoreAlign® Master Instructor and inquire about how to bridge to the new curriculum

Email us at for more details!


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