Biomechanics Trainer 2-day Workshop

Biomechanics Trainer 2-day Workshop

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This is a two-day training where students will learn 9 ways to manually assess the pelvis, spine and shoulders + corrective exercises and techniques to improve the biomechanics/function of the pelvis, spine and shoulders. They'll also learn new ways to optimise 'core activation'. It is an Optimal Performance & Injury Risk Reduction program. Everything on the course is evidence based. Upon successful completion of the workshop the students will gain the certification of Biomechanics Trainer. This is a very hands on training for the students. 

Do you have clients that struggle to move freely?
Would you like to enhance your anatomy knowledge?
Would you like a system to help you choose the right exercises for your clients?

This easy access 2-day workshop is perfect for Pilates / Yoga teachers, movement teachers, personal trainers and manual therapists who are passionate about helping their clients to move more freely. YOU will learn 9 ways to assess for the body for biomechanical 'dysfunctions'.

We will cover:

  • -Hip/SIJ biomechanics and manual assessments
  •  Spine/core biomechanics and manual assessments
  •  Shoulder biomechanics and manual assessments 

 You will learn simple manual assessment skills to better understand your client's physical limitations. Then the amazing iMoveFreely techniques & exercises to help prepare them to move more freely along with strength training principles to improve joint ratios.



Trainer: Tom Waldon

Pre-requisite: Movement trainers and manual therapists

Duration: 16 hours



Sunday, 8 November 2020 (9am - 630pm)  
Monday, 9 November 2020 (9am - 630pm)  

Course Fee: $800 SGD

Promotion Price: $750 SGD (valid until 7 October 2020 only)



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