Body Conditioning Masterclass

Body Conditioning Masterclass

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This workshop is designed for Pilates instructors and/or advanced movers such as a trained dancer. It is basically a ‘playground’ for self-care and self-discovery. For the self-care portion, we will spend some time to methodically undo unnecessary tension and holding patterns in the connective tissue using rollers and balls, focusing on the feet, pelvis and shoulders. For the second portion, we will discover the relationship between different body parts, for example how
does the neck affect our abdominal engagement and our balance, and how do the feet affect the movement of the hip-joints and so forth. When we can harmoniously orchestrate the body, that is when we can maximize our movement potential. Throughout the class, we will be using all different kinds of props, such as balls, rollers, yoga blocks, and bands, sometimes multiple props for one exercise. This makes for a fun and challenging class.


    Trainer: Kuan Hui, Chew

    Pre-requisite: NIL

    Duration: 1.5 hours


    Sunday, 2 February 2020 (12 - 130pm)  

    Class Fee: $90 SGD



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