Franklin Method Workshops - Bundle Package

Franklin Method Workshops - Bundle Package

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Workshop 1 - Pelvic Power For Core Integration

Do you have a ‘weak pelvic floor’?

Do you suffer from a stiff lower back and hips?

In this Franklin Method workshop you will learn exercises and techniques to…

Enhance hip and lower back flexibility.

Improve pelvic ‘posture’ and ‘alignment’.

Develop strong and balanced pelvic muscle tone.

Create a healthy and supportive pelvic floor.

Experience effortless dynamic spinal ‘alignment’ and ‘posture’.

Improve core ‘activation’

- Learn the science of what is a ‘neutral’ pelvis

Workshop 2 - Relax Your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulders

Do you suffer from tight neck and shoulders?

Experience the power of imagery, touch and movement exercises to lengthen and balance shoulder and neck musculature. Learn how to melt away tension and associated mental anxiety. Release holding patterns in the upper body by activating the pelvic floor foundation and becoming aware of organic causes of tightness and muscular rigidity. Learn the experiential anatomy of the shoulder girdle and benefit from an in- creased awareness into the function and interaction of joints and muscles. Exercise with small rolling balls to experience smooth joint action, increased circulation and balanced posture.

This serves as a wholesome foundation for a liberated shoulder girdle and a relaxed, mobile neck. A unique evolutionary invention, our shoulder girdle allows us to maintain our arms above our heads for a fairly long period of time without tiring. The counterbalancing effect of the shoulder blade is especially helpful in arm elevation. Experience how the design of the shoulder girdle suspends it from the ribcage. Learn how to melt away tension and associated mental anxiety. Let your shoulders and neck be- come a place of ease and comfort:

  • Learn how your shoulders are designed to move.
    • To have suspended, free and easy shoulders.
    • To use Franklin balls and elastic bands to create smooth joint action



Trainer: Tom Waldon

Pre-requisite: Pilates / Yoga teachers, personal trainers and manual therapists

Duration: 8 hours


Tuesday, 10 November 2020 NEW DATE
9am - 1pm - Pelvic Power For Core Integration
230 - 630pm - Relax Your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulders

Course Fee: $560 SGD

Promotion Price: $460 SGD (valid until 9 October 2020 only)



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