Pre & Post Natal Specialist Training

Pre & Post Natal Specialist Training

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This Fusion Pre & Post Natal Specialist training program is the preeminent resource for cutting edge techniques designed to teach you to take your client from the first stage of pregnancy all the way through their postnatal recovery.

The Pilates method, conceptually and physically, is the cornerstone of the training. Our program, however, is interdisciplinary and we use a number of ancient and modern techniques that inform the work including:

  • the centuries old Rebozo labor support
  • in depth study of the pelvic floor,
  • ancient practices involving footwork and floor postures
  • current science on the mind/body connection
  • groundbreaking fascial research.

The program will prepare the fitness professional to guide their pregnant client through their 9 months of pregnancy with information and actual sample movement lesson plans on what works for each stage and the pitfalls you might encounter. These are designed to be effective, safe, and to keep your client feeling good and easy in her constantly evolving body. The focus is to prepare the body for labor, delivery, and the healing process that immediately follows.



The lesson plans will also include important information and techniques that you can give as homework in those tender weeks after birth when your client will be unable to come to you. We even provide you with handout sheets that you can give to your clients to take with them at every stage to help them retain the lessons you are teaching in the studio.


We will also prepare you to nurture your postnatal client back to full balance and health. This stage is one of the most life changing and tender times in a woman’s life and can last for years. This recovery requires the Pilates instructor to be attuned to a myriad of possibilities and changes that might occur on both the physical, mental, and emotional level.

23 PMA CECs available.


Trainer: Jennifer Gianni

Pre-requisite: Certified Pilates Instructors

Duration: 21 hours

Dates/Time: Postponed until further notice

Course Fee: $1160 SGD

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