Hip Assessment Webinar

Hip Assessment Webinar

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Trainer: Tom Waldron

Hours: 2.5

Date/Time: 6 November 2020 (5:45pm - 8:15pm)

Course Fees: 75 SGD


Hip Assessments: Hamstrings. Iliopsoas. Sciatic Nerve.

The hip joint is an area designed for a lot of power and mobility. As the pelvis is the mediator between the spine and legs, the movements of the hip and pelvis can influence the spine above and legs below.

Knowing how to assess the hip joint is an incredibly valuable skill to help clients move better, improve performance and decide the appropriate exercises each individual will need to achieve their goals.

Become a better movement practitioner by learning how to assess the hip joint and optimize the kinetic chain of the hip, knee, and ankle!

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Assess the hamstrings
  • Assess the hip flexors
  • Assess for ‘nerve tension’
  • Muscle energy techniques for the hip
  • Nerve ‘ mobilizations’ for the hip and leg

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