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Balanced Body® Instructor Training

The Movement Academy is Singapore's sole provider of the full Balanced Body® Pilates instructor training program and certification, an internationally recognized curriculum based on the recommendations of the Pilates Method Alliance. Whether you are interested in teaching Mat classes, Reformer classes or Pilates personal training sessions on the Reformer, Trap Table, Chair and Barrels, we have the resources you need to succeed.

The Balanced Body® Instructor Training program is designed to create thoughtful, creative and successful Pilates teachers. Our Balanced Body® approach respectfully and comprehensively presents the works of Joseph H. Pilates, teaching the repertoire as well as movement principles and the practical day to day instructional applications of each of the exercises. We encourage you to explore and create your own voice and style as a practitioner as we believe this approach respects the past and innovates the future. Our manuals are considered to be some of the best in the industry and for more in depth study, an optional DVD is available for each Mat, Reformer and Apparatus module.

View/download the Balanced Body® Education Catalog.

Creating Your Training Program

Our program is designed in modules, so you can take your first course now and continue your training next week, next month or next year. Each module is self-contained on a weekend schedule so you can take them as quickly or as slowly as your schedule and budget allow.

The program can be entered into at either Mat 1 or Reformer 1. For students who have had more experience or achievement using equipment, for example, you may choose to learn the Reformer 1 & 2 sequence before embarking on the Mat 1 & 2 modules, for example, or do Reformer 1 and Mat 1. Students with only private instruction experience will want to prepare themselves by taking at least a few group classes before the course. Entry into the Reformer 3 module requires the ability to adequately perform intermediate and advanced level exercises, so do consult your educator about your readiness to complete the sequence.

First time working out at our studios? See our studio class schedules to visit us for a trial class by any of our instructors, or email to be placed specifically with a Balanced Body® trained instructor either for a group trial class or private trial session. View our Course Schedule to see if our teacher training modules work for you, or email us for more information on private or custom group options.