Examination & Certification

Once a student has completed all required Mat, Reformer and/or Apparatus work hours, they must pass a written and practical exam demonstrating their teaching ability before receiving their final certificate of completion.

Exams can be scheduled at any time of the year as long as the student has fulfilled the exam requirements and there is an available examiner.

Students do not need to test out individually for Mat, Reformer, and Apparatus. Students only need to test out when they have reached the highest level they intend to complete.

For example, students completing only the Mat will test out after Mat, students completing Mat and Reformer will test out after Reformer and students finishing the comprehensive program will test out after they have completed all of the requirements.

To ensure that you are prepared for your exams, we offer a Mock Exam that can be scheduled with any educator to assess whether you are ready to apply for your final examination with Balanced Body®. The cost for a PIlates (Mat/ Reformer/ Comprehensive/ Core Align®) Mock Test is S$160, and for MOTR/ Bodhi is S$110.

We highly recommend that students take a Mock Exam to receive feedback from an examiner on their teaching skills and if there is any extra practice they require before taking the actual exam.

Applying for the Examination

The final exam consists of a written exam and teaching a session with a client or class. Once a student has completed all of their hours and is ready to test out, they send in an application to the Balanced Body® headquarters. Once the coursework and hours are verified, Balanced Body will give approval for the student to arrange their exam date with the host site in their region.

During the exam, we will be observing and rating the instructor’s skill in the following areas:

  • Correct set up and execution of the exercises
  • Client safety
  • Appropriate sequencing
  • Appropriateness of the exercises to the client or class
  • Understanding the application of the principles
  • Cueing and the ability to communicate with the client or class.

To test out, download this application and submit it to
Balanced Body® headquarters- Balanced Body® Pilates Test Out Application  

If the instructor does not pass on the first try, we will discuss what they need to focus on in order to pass and set up a time line for completion.

Retakes can only be scheduled a month after the first test out, It will cost 50% of the regular exam fees if taken no more than 3 months after the first test out. Each student is allowed to take an unlimited number of test outs.

The costs for completing the final certification exams with The Movement Academy are as follows:

  • Mat - SGD$350
  • Reformer - SGD$400
  • Comprehensive - SGD$425
  • Core Align® - SGD$400
  • MOTR™/ Bodhi™ - SGD$250

Additional Costs

All published prices for Balanced Body® courses include the course fee only. The Movement Academy provides a Mentoring program to facilitate the completion of observation and student teaching hours that are not included in the cost of the training program.