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GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Instructor Training

The flow chart below illustrates the Instructor Training process for the  GYROTONIC®

Level 1 conducted on the GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower equipment

The GYROTONIC® Level 1 process is separate but similar, with exercises that take place seated, standing, and on mats, in memorized sequences that are designed for fluid, continuous motion.  The Certification Process follows the same track.  It is possible to do them both concurrently, but there is no combined package for both.  Most people attempt GYROTONIC® training first.

For the Level 1 GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® training sequences, there are timing requirements i.e. maximum 12 weeks between Pre-training and Foundation,  minimum 6 months between Foundation and Certification.  The assumed total time to go from first stage (Pre-Training) to fourth and final stage (Certification) is approximately 12-24 months, but depends on each individual. We do our best to schedule the modules so that you can meet the timing requirements of GYROTONIC® Headquarters.  Due to the logistics of organizing the international instructors, sometimes we have to rearrange the schedule; you can always apply to HQ for extensions of your training agreements for such reasonable delays.

Please note, FINAL CERTIFICATION IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN CERTAIN COUNTRIES OUTSIDE SINGAPORE.  Please take this into consideration when planning for the courses and for your finances.


Advised Pre-requisite:  At least 5 previous sessions of GYROTONIC® instruction.

The Pre-Training introduces you in a group or individual setting to the seated, mat, and machine-based exercises upon which the Level 1 repertoire is based.  You will receive a basic introduction to the movement principles that GYROTONIC® is based upon, inspired by but not derived from ballet, yoga, swimming, gymnastics, tai chi. 
GYROTONIC® Pre-Training empowers you to become more deeply attuned to your own body, challenging you to grow in your understanding of flow and force in your coordination towards being “without effort” in a “natural, pain-free body”.

You will receive:

  • A minimum of 20 hours of personalized exercise instruction in the GYROTONIC® Level 1 repertoire
  • Required exposure to GYROKINESIS® exercises in class
  • A Pre-Training manual
  • If completed successfully, authorization to continue onto GYROTONIC® Foundation Training within 12 weeks of Pre-Training completion

Mentoring Options after Pre-Training at The Movement Academy:

  • For the period between your Pre-Training and your Foundation Training;
  • Or for a total of 6 months after Pre-Training, if Foundation Training is not pursued,
  • You are entitled to purchase TMA Mentoring Membership which would offer reduced price offerings for self-practice, group and individual sessions. 

Duration:  12 days, minimum 5 hours/day.

The GYROTONIC® Level 1 curriculum focuses on self-mastery of the exercises through learning in supervised groups, alongside the techniques of cueing and hands-on guidance/adjustment.  You will learn and discuss things between yourself and your colleagues, alternately taking the role of student and teacher, under the tutelage of the visiting Master Trainer.  The wide range of exercises provides a stimulating workout for clients at any level of ability, reinforcing the correct execution of breathing patterns synchronized with the corresponding movements.

The GYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation Program includes:

  • Exercise instruction in the complete Level 1 GYROTONIC® repertoire
  • Level 1 Foundation Teaching Manual
  • Level 1 Foundation DVD, with exercises and hands-on cueing techniques
  • Cueing, coaching, safety and teaching tips for clients at different levels of ability
  • Equipment safety and maintenance

Requirements for Completion
Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate of completion as a Licensed GYROTONIC® Apprentice will be issued.  You are able to teach clients from the syllabus you have learned. 

Mentoring Options after Pre-Training at The Movement Academy:

  • For the duration of your valid apprentice license, you are entitled to purchase TMA Mentoring Membership which would offer reduced price offerings for self-practice, group and individual sessions.  Terms & Conditions apply.

Level 1 Certified Instructors Only  (applicable for License Renewal)

Typical Specialty Equipment Trainings include:

  • Exercise instruction in the specialty equipment repertoire
  • Associated Course Manual
  • Associated Course DVD

Requirements for Completion
Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate of completion will be issued.  You are able to teach clients from the syllabus you have learned. 

Practice Options at The Movement Academy
You can rent to use our specialty equipment at The Moving Body location at the Walk In Rates of $20/hour, or $30/3 hours, schedule permitting.

Is there a Package discount if I sign up for more than one GYROTONIC® course? 
Unfortunately, we cannot alter the prices of the courses, as these are established by GYROTONIC®. Headquarters and are standardized internationally.

If I do the Pre-Training, can I teach? 
Not yet -- you are expected to gain a self-mastery of the movement before you can teach it fully to others, and the pre-training designed exactly for that.  You will not be licensed to teach until you have successfully passed the Foundation Course.

After I take Foundation and am licensed, can I charge people I teach?  Where can I teach? 
You can teach for free or charge as you see fit.  You must log your own Apprentice hours, though, and we unfortunately cannot assist you with finding sample clients.  Most start off with their family and friends.  If you advertise, you must adhere to the trademark and confidentiality guidelines of GYROTONIC®, which you sign and agree to every time you participate in a course.  You can teach at our studios through our Mentoring Program, and your license is valid/recognized at studios in 52 countries worldwide.

If I am signed up for the Foundation course, can I already book a space and flights for a Certification course? 
You would have to book your Apprentice Review Course first, and the soonest you can be certified after your Foundation is 6 months.  We usually try to schedule the courses to reflect the timed requirements, and you can enjoy time with the material.

What if I cannot find 60 clients to teach?  I have a full-time job, and it will be difficult to make the time as well.
You have alternatives, where you would partially fulfill the teaching hours requirement and then take additional courses with a Master Trainer.  This will become clear at your Foundation Training, and you can speak to the instructor about your options.

What if I cannot complete my Apprenticeship within one year?  Can I get an extension?
Yes, by writing into Headquarters and explaining your circumstances.  As we are not in a country that offers Certification, this is a common reason to be delayed in completing the course of study.  In fact, Certification courses often become fully booked far in advance, not to mention there being travel requirements, so this situation may be quite common.

For all other questions, or to receive an informational brochure on GYROTONIC® training options at The Movement Academy, please contact us: