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Mentoring Program

The Movement Academy (TMA) comprises a team of experienced Educators and Instructors to help you prepare for your certification as an instructor. The academy currently offers classes taught by certified Instructors in the GYROTONIC® method and various schools of Pilates including Balanced Body®, Polestar Pilates, STOTT Pilates and APPI. TMA offers Mentoring Services at all three of our branches.

Balanced Body® Students, download their STUDENT PRACTICE RECOMMENDATIONS here

Mentoring Services Available At Our Studios

The Mentoring Package is intended to (a) allow access for TMA students to studio resources for self-practice, practice teaching, and class observation, and (b) to make classes and private sessions more affordable and accessible to optimize learning. Mentoring Status is offered to students for 12 months following their course of study. For students fully committing to program and to its preparation, Mentoring status is also available up to 3 months prior to the commencement of the course with full package payment.

Observation hours include watching experienced instructors teach group classes or private sessions. Observation is a great way to understand verbal and manual cueing, program sequencing and to hone your teaching skills.

Mentees can observe certified teachers teach a group class or a private client (client permission required). A maximum of only one observer is allowed for privates, and two observers allowed for group classes. Please be respectful with your presence and noise-making devices, and to committing to the full duration of the class. Pilates students, you can use the Balanced Body® Class Observation Form to help guide your note-taking -- download it here.

Personal Practice
Students can count some classes or Pilates personal training sessions they have already taken as part of their required hours. Moving forward after taking a course, developing and committing to a personal movement practice is an essential part of becoming an effective and inspiring instructor.

Mentees can work on their own bodies and demonstration skills by coming to the studio for their own self-practice. Self-practice is restricted only to off-peak hours (Monday to Sunday, 1 – 5pm) in the studio, or according to space availability. Personal practice would also include participation in group classes and private sessions with a trainer. Follow up training sessions with your course educator(s) are also of course highly recommended. Please attempt to make bookings in advance (Note: Group classes will proceed only if there is a minimum of one regularly-paying client signed in for class).

The Mentoring Packages offer nett per class/session pricing anywhere from 10% - 40% discounted from retail/package rates, depending on the frequency, content, and lumpsum budgetary considerations of the student. Read more below, and do enquire us for details and for advice on how to guide your practice.

Practice Teaching
Teaching hours include any Pilates teaching – either as an employee at a fitness center or studio, or for family and friends.

Mentees can practice teaching skills with their own practice client whom they bring to the studio. To encourage mentees to practice with different bodies, mentees can only work with the same practice body up to a maximum of 3 lessons unless with approval (i.e. to work towards teaching intermediate/advanced material). Practice teaching is also restricted only to off-peak hours (Monday to Sunday, 1 – 5pm) in the studio, or as per studio availability. Mentee students are required to go through a safety and studio organization/etiquette orientation prior to teaching practice students, and practice clients will be required to fill out the studio registration and liability form. Please note, GYROTONIC® students are only required and able to practice teach after Foundation training, NOT after Pre-Training.

Mentoring Group Classes
Mentees also have the option of forming their own group class in preparation for their exams. These supplementary classes are conducted by an Educator or Mentor for a minimum class size of 4 people, classes can be geared towards Mentees focusing on their own execution of exercises or practicing their own teaching skills on one another.

Studio Library & Retail Discounts
Whether it's to help kickstart your program, or as part of your continuing education, TMA also offers book purchases of recommended resources such as:

  • The Trail Guide to the Body ($120 SGD)
  • Pilates' Return to Life Through Contrology ($29 SGD)
  • Other titles on request, please ask! Students can refer to the Balanced Body® Resource List in their manuals, GYROTONIC® students can refer to items available through the GYROTONIC® website.

Balanced Body® course module DVDs are available for purchase, and TMA can also assist in the organizing of a Mentee Group session to view course DVDs. TMA regularly offers discounts on retail items to students, look out for such specials while at the studio.

Mentoring Packages

The Movement Academy has Walk-In rates as well as 1, 3 & 6 Monthly Packages available for Mentees. These Packages entitles you to unlimited use of our studio facilities for class observation, self-practice, and student teaching during the time listed. If you are interested to do privates (single, semi or trio), it will be considered as a "Package Add-on" and additional fees will be charged. The price of the add-on will differs based on the package you have.  

Mentoring Sign In Sheets will be provided at your "home" studio to keep track of your account credits. You are responsible for monitoring your hours in fulfillment of your Certification hours.

You can best take advantage of our multiple options by asking yourself:

  • How many practical hours am I required to fulfill & how often do I plan to practice? 
  • Will I be traveling anytime soon?

All these decisions depend on your need for equipment access, your desire to train, your time flexibility, and of course, your budget. We understand there are differing needs for all types of lifestyles and goals, and it is our goal to make your dreams possible for you. To find out more, drop by one of our studios or email