Mentoring Program

Welcome to The Movement Academy!

The Movement Academy (TMA) comprises of a team of experienced Master Instructors to help you prepare for your certification as an instructor. The Academy currently offers classes taught by certified instructors in various schools of Pilates well as in the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods. TMA is Singapore’s host site for the Balanced Body Pilates curriculum, also offering functional movement certification programs in Core Align, MOTR (Motion on the Roller), and Bodhi Suspension System.   

TMA’s Mentoring Packages offer mentees reduced rates for group classes, privates, and access to class observation, studio resources, and equipment needed to fulfill the training requirements. Mentoring Eligibility is for 12 months after the last course taken by a TMA student.   

TMA Mentoring services are available at all The Moving Body studios

  •       River Valley: 11 Unity Street, 01-23/24 Robertson Walk (S237995)
  •       Bukit Timah: No1. 5th Avenue, 03-09 Guthrie House (S268802)
  •       East Coast: 217 East Coast Road, 05-02 Tides Building (S428915)

Hours to be

completed prior to test out









Total required to be

done in studio

(70% OBS and PP)

Estimated time

taken to complete hours




35 (does not

require studio


11 OBS 14 PP

4 months





21 OBS 21 PP 90 ST

5 months





14 OBS 25 PP 95 ST

6 months





46 OBS 60 PP 185 ST

15 months





10 OBS 28 PP 84 ST

7 months




14 PP 14 ST

4 months




14 PP 14 ST

4 months

The estimated time taken to complete the hours is based on completion of a minimum of

1 OBS, 1 PP and 3-4 ST per week.

Balanced Body Required Hours Towards Certification

Mentoring Services

  1.   Observation

Observation hours include watching experienced instructors teach group classes or private sessions (instructor & client permission required). Observation is a great way to understand verbal and manual cueing, program sequencing and to hone your teaching skills.

  1.   Personal Sessions

Mentees may be allowed to count classes or Pilates personal training sessions they have already taken to their required self-practice requirements after a course. Committing to a personal Pilates practice is an essential part of becoming an effective and inspiring instructor.  Mentees can work on their own skills with self-practice during off-peak hours at our studios or as per studio availability (booking required).

We highly recommend taking a private session once a month with a Master Instructor to ensure that you are on the right track towards attaining your certification.

  1.   Student Teaching

Mentees can practice teaching skills with friends, family members, classmates or others whom they bring to the studio. To encourage mentees to practice with different bodies, we recommend mentees to work with the same body for a maximum of 3 lessons only.  However, mentees may request to continue with one client especially if it helps teach more advanced exercises or see progress over time.  Practice Bodies are required to complete The Moving Body’s Registration Form prior to starting their first session.  Mentees and bodies are expected to abide by The Moving Body’s Studio Policies & Procedures.

  1.   Regular Group Classes

Mentees are also encouraged to attend The Moving Body’s scheduled group classes.  There must be at least one regular-paying client signed up for the mentee to attend at the Mentoring Rate - otherwise, the mentee may use the retail rate.

  1.   Mentoring Group Classes, Privates, Semi-Privates

Besides Private Sessions with a Master Instructor, mentees also have the option of forming their own  Semi-Private or group classes.  These custom classes are conducted by a Master Instructor, either as a class led by the Master Instructor to hone the mentees’ execution of exercises or for the Master Instructor to supervise Mentees practicing their teaching skills on one another. You can be flexible and discuss with your partner(s) what you would like to be covered in each session. A Group Mentoring Form needs to be completed with The Academy’s administration.

  1.   Mock Test-out and Test-out

Mentees are highly encouraged to do a 75 min Mock Test-out that consists of a 1-hour practical exam scenario and a 15 min feedback session with the examiner to determine if they are fully ready to register for an actual Test-out. Once a mentee has completed all their required hours and is ready for Test-out, they are required to apply directly to Balanced Body for approval after which they can set an exam date with The Movement Academy. The actual Test-out consists of a 60 min written paper done one day after the practical teaching exam, as well as a 60 min practical teaching exam and 15 min feedback session. All mentees are required to find at least two bodies when taking a mat or reformer exam. All other exams only require 1 body. Should they require help looking for a body, The Movement Academy cannot guarantee but will try to look for one.

  1.   Intensive Certification Program

The Movement Academy also offers the option of an Intensive Group Mentoring Program for a minimum of 4 mentees who are keen to complete their certification shortly after their last module and to revise the syllabus in a concentrated way. Taking up the Intensive Program does not guarantee that mentees will pass their test-out. However, mentees are able to count the hours accumulated in the Intensive Program towards the completion of their observation, personal sessions and student teaching hours. They are still required to complete the rest of their required hours before applying for Test-out with Balanced Body.



The Package pricing applies to all services conducted at The Moving Body that relates to the student’s completed course and related practice being pursued, not for general personal fitness.

GST is not applicable to the rates below. We accept payment via cash or cheque to The Movement Academy Pte Ltd. Nets payments will also be accepted at our River Valley and Bukit Timah studios only.

There will be strictly no extensions for expired packages.

Studio Usage Rates

Walk in Rate


3 Months Package


6 Months Package


Studio Facilities

Off Peak Period (1-5pm)

·       Observation

·       Student Teaching

·       Self-practice

Unlimited use of

Studio Facilities

Off Peak Period (1-5pm)

·       Observation

·       Student Teaching

·       Self-practice

Unlimited use of

Studio Facilities

Off Peak Period (1-5pm)

·       Observation

·       Student Teaching

·       Self-practice

Mentoring Package

Regular group class

   $49 Equipment

   $29 Mat

   $47 Equipment

   $27 Mat

   $43 Equipment

   $25 Mat

Single Private






$425 (5 Sessions X 60 Mins)

$750 (10 Sessions X 60 Mins)

Trio Private


$375 (5 Sessions X 60 Mins)

$650 (10 Sessions X 60 Mins)

Mentoring Group Class

(min 4 pax)

$240 (4 sessions X 90mins)

*Private Session with Educators apply to:

Balanced Body: Audrey D’Cotta, Lisa Jones, Aparna Shah & Karina Sudarmadji

GYROTONIC & GYROKINESIS Pre-Trainer: Audrey D’Cotta


TMA Students doing Private Sessions with TMB Instructors

If the mentee wishes to do regular private (single, Semi, Trio) mentoring sessions with a TMB instructor, we will extend a 20% discount on the walk-in rates. 


Mock Test and Final Test out Prices

Pilates Mat

(90 Mins)


(90 Mins)


(90 Mins)

Core Align

(75 Mins)


(75 Mins)

Mock Test $160  $160 $160 $130 $130

Final Test-Out








TMA Mentoring Program Terms and Conditions

  1.    Private session and class bookings are required. Observation, Self-practice and Practice Teaching can be booked during off-peak hours (Monday to Friday between 1-5pm, excluding public holidays), bookings outside of this period may be approved on a case by case basis.
  2.    No shows or cancellations with less than 12-hours notice will be charged, this includes appointments made less than 12 hours before the appointment.
  3.    Regular Studio (The Moving Body or TMB) group classes that the mentee wishes to attend will commence only if there is at least 1 regular client of the studio in the class. If a class is full, priority will be given to the Studio’s regular clients; mentees would be able to observe such a class in this instance.  If the mentee is the only participant, the mentee may proceed with the class but at the prevailing TMB Walk-in Rate.
  4.    All mentees and their practice bodies must complete and sign a Studio registration form before starting their first session.
  5.    All Mentoring rates can only be used for Mentoring purposes and not for any other service provided by TMB.
  6.    A maximum of only one observer is allowed for privates, and two observers for group classes. Permission is required from a private client via their teacher before observing a session.
  7.    You may not solicit any TMB client (past or present) as part of your Mentoring program.


  1.   A mentee is eligible to purchase a Mentoring Package within 12 months after completing their final Course Module (including GYROTONIC® Pre-Training) or until their final examination, whichever comes sooner.

Studio Etiquette:

  1. If the mentee is practicing in Apparatus or Specialty equipment, please avoid using any one piece of equipment for more than 10 mins at a time.  In all cases, Studio teachers have priority in using any piece of equipment for a client, over the Mentee.
  2.  Please respect the Studio’s Policies and Procedures.  Mentees are expected to spray & wipe down all the equipment used during their session and to tidy up the area of practice, keeping props away immediately after use.
  3. Please remind yourself and your practice client to adhere to the studio’s sock policy, for best hygiene.
  4. Please refrain from talking loudly, using mobile phones, drinking or eating during self-practice or mentoring. Please turn your phone into silent mode before the session.