Movement Master Series Course Schedule 2019




The Movement Academy (TMA), a part of The Moving Body Group, is Singapore’s host site for the internationally recognized Balanced Body® Pilates curriculum, training and certifying movement professionals in Mat, Reformer, Apparatus (Chair, Barrel, Trapeze Table) and Core Align® in accordance with Pilates Method Alliance standards.



Course Fee (USD)


Trainer/ Master Trainer



May 14 – 18

28 hours

$2045 SGD

*$1854 SGD


Madeline Black


Accessible Matwork

Aug 20

1 hour

$30 SGD


Blossom Leilani Crawford


From the Feet + Before the hundreds

(Mat based)

Aug 20 - 21

12 hours

$450 SGD

*420 SGD


Blossom Leilani Crawford


The Unusual Wunda Chair + Reformer Refresh

(Equipment based)

Aug 22 - 23

12 hours

$700 SGD

*$660 SGD


Blossom Leilani Crawford


  •           Pre-requisites Specialized Courses: Specialized courses in GYROTONIC® are only for trainers with valid, current Certification.  Apprentices may be interested in taking courses for their personal development and may do so with approval of the Master Trainer; please note, in this case the student does not receive a completion certificate, and these hours do not count towards license renewal in the future.
  •           Courses with foreign Master Trainers generally run weekdays 10am - 1pm and 3 - 5 or 6pm; weekends 9am - 12pm, 2 - 4 or 5pm. GYROTONIC® courses are run almost exclusively at River Valley Studio.
  •           Students are expected to arrive on time and to complete the number of hours of the course. Unavoidable schedule conflicts must be discussed with the instructing Master Trainer; the Master Trainer reserves final right of decision on make up hours.
  •           About Pre-Training license validity: It is understood that because of the logistics required to bring in Master Trainers to Singapore, that students may require a larger window of time between courses than that stipulated by Headquarters.  TMA often attests to the student’s practice with Headquarters to gain approval of the Pre-Training license extension.  Students are expected to maintain a steady practice, however, throughout the period of their license.
  1. Course Fee Payments
  •           Studio Fees are established by TMA and are listed in Singapore dollars (SGD). Enrolments are only considered confirmed with a minimum of studio fee payment;
  •           Course Fees include manuals and for most courses, an accompanying DVD. Course fees are established by GYROTONIC® Headquarters worldwide, and for the Asian region are in USD.  TMA does not receive payment from the Course Fee, but will accept Cash or USD check on behalf of the Master Trainer in advance of the course.
  •           Students with access to USD bank accounts may enquire about directly depositing course fee payments to the Master Trainer.
  1. Private, Duet, Custom Group Pre-Training Courses
  •           GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® Level 1 Pre-Training courses customized to the availability and timing of the student are available with TMA educators, at slightly higher rates. This can be done as the pre-requisite towards Level 1 Teacher Training, or as a means of personal development in a regular GYROTONIC® practice. Please enquire for details.
  •           Privately, the Pre-Training course will run at the required 30 hours. Any student undergoing private (solo) Pre-Training may be asked to partner and/or bring a practice body to some sessions to learn hands-on assist skills.
  1. Registrations, Cancellations, Refunds and Schedule Changes
  •           Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Full payment guarantees placement in the course.
  • There is strictly no refund for cancellations after the fee is paid or if a student withdraws during the course.
  •           Courses may be cancelled or rescheduled at the sole discretion of The Movement Academy if number of enrolments does not meet the minimum required. TMA will provide at least 14 days’ calendar notice via email in such an event, refunding any payments made in the case of cancellation. TMA is not responsible for any outside costs incurred due to schedule change.
  1. Course Certificates, Mentoring and Certification
  •           Undertaking the course(s) does not immediately equate to becoming a fully Certified Instructor. The student is required to complete a number of practice teaching hours and is expected to maintain self-practice.  This may involve additional fees and time for classes, practice equipment, mentoring, etc.
  •           TMA offers a comprehensive Mentoring Program. Course students are immediately entitled to access, for 12 months following their last course, to the 3 branches of the studio for self-practice, observation and practice teaching at varying package prices and according to space availability, according to the terms of the Mentoring Program.
  •           Course certificates are administered on the final teaching day upon successful completion.
  1. Disclaimer – The Movement Academy and all its affiliates and staff related to the course will not be held liable for any loss of property or life, injury or inconvenience accredited to or from participating in or intending to participate in, before, during or after the course. It is the participant’s duty to ensure that they are of adequate health, physically, mentally and financially prepared to participate in the course.  Please contact The Movement Academy should you have any reservations in this regard.

Payment Instructions

  1. Telegraphic Transfer


Account Name: The Movement Academy Pte Ltd

Account#: 003-917054-8

Name of beneficiary bank: DBS Bank

Address of beneficiary bank: 6 Shenton Way, DBS Building S(068809)

Swift add: DBSSSGSG

All bank charges shall be borne by the participant.  Please email us at when making a remittance, including:  (1) Full name, (2) Course(s), (3) Amount & (4) Date of Transfer.

*Please ensure that you indicate in your TT

Form that ‘All local & overseas charges to be paid by Account Holder’.

  1. Cash payments may be made in any of the branches of The Moving Body branches.
  2. Credit Card payments are accepted at any The Moving Body branches. A 2% surcharge applies.
  3. Cheque – Please make cheques payable to The Movement Academy Pte Ltd, annotate it with your name and course(s) name, and mail to: The Moving Body, Attn: Accounts, 46 Kim Yam Rd, Singapore 239351. We do not accept post-dated cheques, and only Singapore dollar cheques are accepted.
  4. PayPal