Post Circuit Breaker Phase 2

Phase 2 has kicked in and The Movement Academy is happy to announce that we have resumed our training courses. 

    Courses lined up for the rest of 2020

    Balanced Body Pilates

    • Movement Principles
    • Mat 1, 2, 3
    • Reformer 1, 2, 3
    • Apparatus 1, 2, 3
    • MOTR

    Dates & details: CLICK HERE


    • GYROKINESIS Pre-training

    Dates & details: CLICK HERE

    GYROTONIC & GYROKINESIS License Validity

    All of the following GYROTONIC & GYROKINESIS training courses will be postponed until international travels bans are lifted and it is safe for Master Trainers to travel abroad. 

    • GYROKINESIS L1 Foundation  
    • GYROTONIC Final Certificate
    • GYROTONIC L2 P2 Pre-Training
    • GYROTONIC L2 P2 Course

    Pre-Training Courses

    GYROTONIC headquarters will AUTOMATICALLY grant extensions for the Pre-Training Course validity for all students who completed a Pre-Training Course in 8-2019 or later. No additional classes requested. The extension is valid for the calendar year 2020. Students should practice as much as possible prior to taking the Foundation Course.

    Foundation Courses and Apprenticeship time
    GYROTONIC headquarters will be granting extensions for validity of the Apprenticeship time for all students who completed the Foundation Course in 6-2019 or later. The extension is valid for the calendar year 2020. No additional classes requested. Due to the closing of many studios, apprentices will need extra time to fulfill the “teaching client hours”. We recommend that apprentices fulfill all “teaching client hours” PRIOR to taking the Supervised Apprentice Review Course.
    Supervised Apprentice Review Courses
    For all students who completed the Supervised Apprentice Review and the follow up Certificate Course is not available, GYROTONIC headquarters will grant an extension of the Apprenticeship until the next available course. For the year 2020,  GYROTONIC headquarters will eliminate the minimum of 2 weeks between the Apprentice Review Course and the Certificate Course.

    Continuing Education Courses / Update Courses

    Certified Trainers are due to renew their trademark license, but can´t take a continuing education course due to course scheduling, financial struggles, studio support or any Covid19 related reason, are eligible to purchase a trademark license for one year.

    Safety measures implemented in Studios

    • Register on SafeEntry
    • Temperature Check
    • Maintain Social Distancing 
      • At waiting areas: 1M
      • During theory lessons: 1M
      • While exercising: 2M
    • There will be a 10 minutes break in-between private mentoring sessions
    • Sanitise your hands before and after sessions 
    • Mask to be worn at all times unless you find it hard to breathe while exercising