Accessible Matwork

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The matwork is such a powerful Pilates tool precisely because it requires nothing more than a mat and offers a full-body workout after executing the 34 original exercises. However, in my own mat classes, I feel like I only have the opportunity to teach the same 20 exercises.

The matwork is how most people are introduced to the Pilates Method and in this 1-hour workshop, we’ll conduct a matwork reboot. We’ll look at Mr. Pilates’ “Return to Life” matwork repertory and order with fresh eyes focusing on the lesser-known and, often, less executed half of the exercises. Together, we will examine the essence and purpose of each to help us find the accessible movements within.

Breathe new life into your teaching with this invigorating workshop where you will have a chance to explore a familiar subject in a new way. Best of all, you will learn tools to teach the matwork (even the advanced repertory) to a majority of your clients regardless of their level. Come ready to move and play.

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Pre-requisite: NIL

Trainer: Blossom Lelani Crawford

Hours: 1

Dates: 20 Aug 2019

Time: 11am - 12pm

Course Fee: $30 SGD



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