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Balls & Bands

Balls & Bands


Balls & Bands

A full body workout that goes wherever with you go…

Aim: This workout will give you plenty of options for when you are away either on holiday or for business or at home.  There are no excuses for not continuing to move!  Travel is part of modern day life and even short-haul flights take their toll on your body. The moves you’ll learn will both unwind you from sitting still and keep good alignment alive in you while you are away from your regular training.  The series is designed in easy to follow 15-minute blocks so if you want to do more, simply put a few together. The ball is challenging and unpredictable and will keep your body adapting to it - a great way to get the deep stabilizers working and teach you movements to change quickly.  Also great for balance, mobility, stability, and laughter.

We will use bands as well as a small ball and options for not using are also available in case you can’t take a ball with you.

You will leave this workout with:

A list of exercises

  • that can be done in a small space
  • that need a ball or band (or no equipment)
  • of which you know the best ones specific to your asymmetries.  
  • 4 blocks of 15-minute‘ workouts’ for the whole body.

Including how to make it more kinder on yourself as well as more challenging if the mood takes you....


Trainer: Lisa Jones

Hours: 3

Dates: April 14, 2018

Timing: 3pm - 6pm

Usual Price: $175 SGD

Email us at for more details!