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Beyond The Manual - Dynamic Postural Assessment & Programming


Beyond The Manual - Dynamic Postural Assessment & Programming

Objectives: Static alignment is only one way to view the body, looking at dynamic assessment lets us know how the brain has patterned the movements which are fundamental to the primary movements. We explore some key basic movement patterns that provide the most information on the mover in the quickest time.

Outcomes: Students will gain a deeper understanding of how to view the body as it moves and how to use this knowledge to program future sessions. Gain a better eye, the prize is in seeing the misalignment and then addressing it.

Pre-requisite: Movement instructors

Trainer: Lisa Jones

Hours: 4

Dates: July 8, 2017 (3pm - 7pm)

Registration Deadline: June 17, 2017

Workshop fee: $230

Email us at for more details!

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