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Beyond The Manual - Osteoporosis


Beyond The Manual - Osteoporosis

Objectives: To define and explain the etiology of osteoporosis, risk sites and how it affects the human body, how exercise and good management help in the prevention and strengthening of bone. To explore the applicability of Pilates / Pilates-inspired exercises in both the private and group class format.

Outcomes: Students should come away understanding what osteoporosis is and how the osteoporotic or osteopenic client can benefit from a well-planned class, who is an ‘at risk’ client, how to safely program and teach pilates exercises and incorporate necessary modifications for a safe, effective and inclusive class.

Pre-requisite: Movement instructors

This course will be suitable for Pilates Teachers and trainees of Pilates method as well as fitness professionals seeking to improve understanding of special populations, as well to increase their repertoire of safe and effective exercises for their clients. 

Fitness enthusiasts or practitioners of the Pilates method who may have osteoporosis or know someone with the condition are also welcome to learn more about prevention, management and exercising with it.

Trainer: Karina Sudarmadji

Hours: 4

Dates: October 21, 2017

Registration Deadline: September 30, 2017

Workshop fee: $230

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