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Gait Control

Gait Control


Gait Control

Outline: It’s something we do every day, we learned without realizing it and often have very little awareness of it until we ‘break’. Walking is the easiest form of locomotion available to us, yet a bad gait pattern affects our whole being.  Modern life means we sit a lot leading to stiff spines and jammed up hip joints.  This affects how we walk and leads us to tighten that pattern more. If we walk efficiently, optimally and frequently, we can undo the effects of a life sat.

In this workshop, you’ll learn

  • Basic mechanics of gait
  • What to look out for when observing someone walks
  • Exercises to loosen what’s holding and that integrate into walking
  • The art of swaggering.

 You’ll leave with a new walk, a walk that unwinds the body, frees the neck, frees the hips, works the foot, and brings energy to every step you take,

You will leave this workout with:

A list of exercises

  • that can be done in a small space
  • that need a ball or band (or no equipment)
  • of which you know the best ones specific to your asymmetries.  
  • 4 blocks of 15-minute‘ workouts’ for the whole body.

Including how to make it more kinder to yourself as well as more challenging if the mood takes you...


Trainer: Lisa Jones

Hours: 3

Dates: October 20 2018 (2pm - 6pm)

Usual Price: $230 SGD

Email us at for more details!