Gyrokinesis Level 1 Pre-Training Course (Feb 2024)
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Gyrokinesis Level 1 Pre-Training Course (Feb 2024)

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To provide a foundational understanding of the Gyrokinesis Level 1 exercises and prepare students physically for the Gyrokinesis Level 1 Foundation Course. During this course, students focus on gaining experience and developing a personal understanding of the exercises on the Pre-Training Course exercise list.

For more details on the course, visit the Gyrotonic website.




  • 23 Feb 2024 (Fri) Starts from 1pm
  • 24 Feb 2024 (Sat) Starts from 1pm
  • 25 Feb 2024 (Sun) Starts from 1:30pm
  • 26 Feb 2024 (Mon) BREAK
  • 27 Feb 2024 (Tue)  Starts from 1pm
  • 28 Feb 2024 (Wed)  Starts from 1pm
  • 29 Feb 2024 (Thu)  Starts from 1pm

Time: 5 hours daily (excluding breaks) 

Location: The Moving Body, River Valley Studio (81 Clemenceau Avenue #03-22 UE Square, Singapore 239917) 

Trainer: Audrey D'Cotta 



  • Limited-time Promotion ends 31 Jan 2024.
  • Prerequisites: An experienced Gyrokinesis student with basic understanding of the Gyrokinesis Level 1, Progression 1 exercises. Students should take a minimum of five private sessions or 10 group classes with a Certified Gyrokinesis Trainer before registering for this course.
  • Once students have successfully completed the Gyrokinesis Level 1 Pre-Training Course, they are qualified to proceed to the Gyrokinesis Level 1 Foundation Course. The foundation course must be taken within 3 months after completing this course.
  • A deferment charge of $50 applies.
  • The course fee mentioned above does not cover self-practice and examination fees

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