GYROTONIC® Applications for Dancers Level 1 (Sep 2023)
The Movement Academy

GYROTONIC® Applications for Dancers Level 1 (Sep 2023)

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Join Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Master Trainer Adrianna Thompson as she combines the fundamentals of classical and contemporary dance with the movement principles of the Gyrotonic Expansion System. Whether you are a dance enthusiast or a professional dancer, this course will teach you dance techniques by taking on a holistic approach to movement, teaching you to create better body awareness, flexibility & strength, and a deeper understanding of the physiology of dance.

For more details on the course, visit the Gyrotonic website.




  • 25 Sep 2023 (Mon): 12pm - 6pm
  • 26 Sep 2023 (Tue): 12pm - 6pm
  • 27 Sep 2023 (Wed): 12pm - 6pm

Location: The Moving Body, River Valley Studio (81 Clemenceau Avenue #03-22 UE Square, Singapore 239917

Trainer: Adrianna Thompson



  • Prerequisites: You need to be a Gyrotonic trainer to partake in the course - minimum completion of Gyrotonic Level 1 Certification. 

    Email us at or WhatsApp us at 8428 9887 for more details!

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