GYROTONIC® Creative Series Masterclass

GYROTONIC® Creative Series Masterclass

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Prerequisites: Gyrotonic Level 1 Trainer (or) Gyrokinesis Level 1 Trainer

In this 3-hour masterclass, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Trainers learn old school and new school moves from your Level 1 Foundation Syllabus. Learn an expanded repertoire of GYROTONIC Pulley Tower exercises from the floor.

Trainer: Claudia Tudose (click here to read her bio)

Duration: 3 hours

Date/Time: 20 November 2019 (3 - 6pm)                      

Fee: $200 SGD 

Promotion Price: $180 SGD (valid until 10 November 2019)

Private 1-on-1 with Claudia is available. Pls email for availability.