Kathy Stanford Grant’s work

Kathy Stanford Grant’s work

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Are these common occurrences for you?

  • Clients complaining about neck tension during 100s or flexion?
  • Lower back “tightening" the when doing extension?
  • Issues with wrists/shoulders during any arm balancing work on the mat or equipment?
  • Do you train runners (or cyclists) who are losing power and speed as their hamstrings and glutes are underactive?

These and more can all be overcome by the use of the Kathy Grant work. During her own rehab with Mr. Pilates (as she always called him), Kathy didn’t do most of his exercises as we know them from mat work as her body wasn’t able to. She realized as she watched others move, that there were some basic movement patterns missing that the body needed to be able to understand before you could successfully achieve the full Pilates protocol.

For example, she realized people were not using their neck muscles effectively when they flexed, so she came up with the ‘head lift’ in which we learn how to use the deep neck flexors FIRST then recruit the SCM to bring the head up.  Also due to our sedentary lifestyles, the hamstrings are often a bit sleepy - she came up with ‘sand tunnels’ which stretched the hamstrings and then engaged them to bend the knees.  Lying prone, she found many people held tight into their hips and lower back so she used ‘baby butt’ to allow the hips to release into the floor and thus enable the spine to extend more efficiently.

The movements are smaller and more in-depth and make Pilates (whether mat or equipment) or any other form of movement for that matter much more efficient and achievable and successful for all clients of all levels.

You will leave this workshop with

  • an understanding of Kathy Grant’s work
  • insights into how to move before you move
  • move movement patterns that are transformational



Trainer: Lisa Jones

Hours: 4

Dates: Dec 7, 2018

Timing: 2pm - 6pm

Course Fee: $230 SGD

Email us at info@themovementacademy.sg for more details!