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Reformer Assessment

Reformer Assessment


Reformer Assessment

A simple reformer workout and assessment for a client’s first session. The first session is vital to a client, we want them to get a good introduction to the equipment whilst understanding the principles of pilates and get a work out from it too. Not the easiest of tasks, this workshop will make it easier for you.

There is very little cueing involved in each move, this is so that we can see their ‘natural’ movement patterning and awareness. The cues are enough to get them moving, then we layer on additional cues of where to move from (which helps us assess their awareness) and then a few corrections to highlight a new, more efficient way of moving and feel the difference form makes.


  • Give clients a good enough work out 
  • See their habitual patterns
  • Add some corrections so they notice the difference

Trainer: Lisa Jones

Hours: 4

Dates: Jun 22, 2018 (2pm - 6pm)

Usual Price: $230 SGD

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