Rocking and Rolling to Release

Rocking and Rolling to Release

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Course Description

This course will take the instructor or client through a series of body positions and sequences combined with rocking movement that will activate the body’s innate sense of fascial, bony and muscular release. Balls are used to further enhance the release through rolling and hands-on assist techniques

Course objectives
To understand the function of the muscles and the planes of motion
To understand fascial connections
To understand tension-free movement and it’s effect on the body
To understand our primal need to rock
To understand how to implement this movement into class design

Course outline
Overview of muscle function and planes of motion
Overview of the fascial lines and fascial body
Primal movement- circles, spirals and oppositional movement
The difference between muscle activation and joint movement from the viewpoint of release
Understanding the connection between mobility and stability in release work

Standing work. Sitting work. Sidelying work. Supine work and prone work
All practical sequences utilize a myriad of bones, muscles and fascia at one and the same time. The practical sessions will take you through a series of sequences in various body positions designed to encourage muscular and fascial release throughout the body.

The practical sessions will teach you pace, breathing, focus and relaxation to further enhance the release of the body.

All practical sequences are designed to be integrated within your current workout session.

Course fee- USD400 includes all material
This course fulfills one requirement for The Women’s Health Pilates Specialist Certification™
This course fulfills one requirement for The Women’s Health and Exercise Specialist Certification™


Trainer: Carolyne Anthony

Date: 4 January 2019

Location: The Herencia (46 Kim Yam Road #01-15 Singapore 239351)

Time: 10 am - 6 pm / 8 hours

Course Fee: 400 USD