Unusual Wunda Chair Workshop (Jul 2023)
The Movement Academy

Unusual Wunda Chair Workshop (Jul 2023)

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Join Blossom Crawfordowner and director of Bridge Pilates in Brooklyn, New York, as she deep dives into classical movements of the chair, stripped of flourishes, to highlight its simple yet challenging movements. You will also have the opportunity to learn chair exercises that are not often taught - broadening and deepening your own practice as well as that of your students. Discover exercise modifications on the chair that are ideal for clients who have a specific issue or are looking for a challenge.

Blossom will share some simple yet valuable variations to traditional chair exercises that will assist in flexion, extension and rotation of the spine. She will also emphasise key exercises that are sometimes left off the to-do list. Diversify your chair teaching repertoire with accessible chair exercises that will transform your understanding of this studio workhorse.

Blossom will also be teaching 3 other themed workshops, click to find out more:

Reformer Refresh 3 July 2023 (Mon)
Cadillac Fun 5 July 2023 (Wed)
Connected Arms & Torso 6 July 2023 (Thu)

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      Date/Time: 4 July (Tue)12:30pm-7pm (Break: 3:30pm-4pm)

      Location: The Moving Body, River Valley Studio (81 Clemenceau Avenue #03-22 UE Square, Singapore 239917) 

      Trainer: Blossom Crawford



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