The Intentional Pilates - Rehabilitation Pilates 101

The Intentional Pilates - Rehabilitation Pilates 101

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Pilates has been touted as the go-to exercise for any form of rehabilitation. What is it about this modality that makes it ideal to get people moving again in a pain-free manner? While Joseph Pilates’ original 34 exercises are fantastic for developing the mind-body connection that is the basic tenet of Contrology, how exactly would you go about applying these exercises to those with lower back pain, stroke, or a total knee replacement?

This course is designed to help you decide how to apply Pilates exercises to rehabilitate those with medical conditions. You will learn

  1. Basics of Pilates as applied to rehabilitation
  2. Perform a rudimentary dynamic assessment for your client or patient
  3. Analyse Pilates exercises from the perspective of the principles of Pilates for Rehab
  4. Identify step-up and step-down exercises which will help the student to design a progressive management programme for their client

This is a 16-hr course that has been designed for allied health professionals, and Pilates instructors interested in rehabilitation. The course will have a theory component as well as a significant movement component. So please do come prepared to experience the exercises that you will be prescribing your clients.


Trainer: Aparna Shah

Hours: 16


  • 19 Nov (12pm - 7pm)
  • 20 Nov (3:30pm - 7pm)
  • 21 Nov (12pm - 7pm)


You will receive a Certificate of Attendance for this course

Dates may change according to registration numbers

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