Reformer 3 - 2nd Run (Nov 2024)

Reformer 3 - 2nd Run (Nov 2024)

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Reformer 3 is the pinnacle of the Reformer work that includes advanced exercises plus modifications for sports specific activities, tips for training advanced clients and programs designed for specific sports for clients looking to challenge their athleticism. 

Progressive sequences to the advanced movement skills are also included along with an introduction to the revolutionary Principle Based Programming System to help you create successful classes for clients at any level.



  • 22 Nov 2024 (Fri): 1:30pm-7:30pm
  • 23 Nov 2024 (Sat): 1:30pm-7:30pm
  • 24 Nov 2024 (Sun): 2pm-7pm

Duration: 3 days / 17 hours

Location: The Moving Body, River Valley Studio (81 Clemenceau Avenue #03-22 UE Square, Singapore 239917) 

Trainer: Karina Sudarmadji



  • Prerequisites for this course:
    • Reformer 2 Course
  • Anatomy in 3 Dimensions Course required before Test Out.
  • Early Bird Promotion ends 22 Oct 2024
  • Dates may change according to registration numbers
  • A deferment charge of $50 applies.
    • The course fee mentioned above does not cover self-practice and examination fees  

Email us at or WhatsApp us at 8428 9887 for more details!

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