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Balanced Body

About Balanced Body Certification Programs

Is Balanced Body internationally recognized?

What is the difference between Balanced Body and other Pilates Certification programs?

If I have taken some courses in another school, can I advance into the Balanced Body curriculum or do I need to redo them?

Practice Hours, Mentoring Program, Exams

What is "Practice Hours"?

Can I practice in the studio?

What happens with practice teaching? Would I be supervised? How much will the required additional hours cost me? Do you provide me with sample students?

Does it matter if part of my practice hours are held somewhere else, with teachers from a different school?

What about for the mock exam, and Final Test Out? Do you provide me with test bodies for that?

By completing the Balanced Body modules, all required additional hours, and passing my Final Test Out, am I a “Certified Pilates Teacher”?