The Movement Academy


Our Company

As the only Balanced Body® Licensed Training Center and one of the first GYROTONIC® Education Centers in Singapore, The Movement Academy is widely recognised for its quality teaching, Pilates Teacher Training Programmes for aspiring instructors to turn their passion into a career and for current instructors to advance in their teacher training journey. The Movement Academy also co-hosts a diverse range of exclusive courses and workshops with Master Trainers and other renowned movement professionals around the world to constantly provide learning opportunities for instructors and instructors to-be to help others live better through movement.

Our Mission

We provide quality, up-to-date education, enhancing the knowledge and skills of movement professionals in Asia, making a difference in the lives of everyday people.

Our Vision 

To be the leading Academy in Asia for education in movement-inspired programs.

People - We provide a positive environment, inspiring students to learn 

Partners - We share knowledge with all, through our network of trainers and educators 

Passion - We are dedicated educators, who are on-going learners, with the aim to be leaders in the industry 

Our Values 

At The Movement Academy, our values are a total of who we are, what we believe, and how we work together. It is the way we treat our students, our fellow colleagues and our community. 

Student Focus 

The student is at the heart of everything we do 

Respect for the individual 

We value the dignity and diversity of every individual 


We believe in collaborating with clients, colleagues and industry professionals 

Responsible Citizenship 

We seek to foster an environment that encourages community involvement


We aim to exemplify and deliver the highest standards of personal and professional ethics in everything we do 


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