Balanced Body® Reformer Certification Program Bundle (2024)

Balanced Body® Reformer Certification Program Bundle (2024)

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Sign up for our Balanced Body® Reformer Certification Program to become a fully qualified Balanced Body® Reformer Instructor. 
To help you feel confident, ready and equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach clients on the Reformer, we're providing you with Complimentary 1 month studio practice!

The bundle includes:
Save more than S$200 when you sign up for this Reformer Bundle!  Click through to find out more about what each Balanced Body® Reformer Course entails.


For more information about the Balanced Body® Reformer Teacher Training Program, click here. 

  • Dates may change according to registration numbers.
  • The course fee mentioned above does not cover self-practice and examination fees
  • The course duration may be slightly extended by 30 min to 1h depending on the number of participants to maximise the learning experience.

    Email us at or WhatsApp us at 8428 9887 for more details!

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