Audrey D'Cotta

Balanced Body Faculty- Anatomy in 3 Dimensions, Bodhi, CoreAlign, MOTR & Pilates
Polestar Pilates Certified Instructor
Pilates Method Alliance Certified Instructor
GYROTONIC® Level 1& 2 Certified Instructor
GYROTONER® Certified Instructor
Leg Extension Unit Certified Instructor
Jumping Stretching Board Certified Instructor
FISAF Certified Personal Trainer
Archway Certified Instructor
GYROKINESIS® Certified Instructor

Audrey's first brush with Pilates several years ago was as a client coping with back pain and scoliosis. Pilates proved to be such a life-altering experience for her that in 2003, she changed reins from the corporate world to become an instructor, in hopes of touching other lives through movement.

Fully certified in the Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and GYROKINESIS® methods, Audrey is passionate about providing the best care for her clients. Till this day, she travels extensively to learn from various master trainers to broaden her skill set and shares it with her fellow instructors. Both a Balanced Body Master Instructor and a Pre-Trainer in the GYROTONIC® method, Audrey has a passion for helping aspiring instructors begin their journey towards certification. She conducts Instructor training in Singapore and in Asia, she also had the opportunity to present at the Asian Fitness Conference in 2012.

A mother of 2, Audrey has taken a keen interest in working with pre/post natal women. Having exercised through both her pregnancies, she has experienced the benefits of exercise for both mother and child from pregnancy, to delivery and beyond. This new phase in her life has also led her to discover the value of using mindful movement to change the lives of the physically challenged. She has spent the last few years mentoring under Elizabeth Larkam through the Passing the Torch and Movement Strategies program to hone her skills.

 Audrey's passion for helping others through movement has led her to volunteer at ABLE, a charitable organization where she provides consultancy and expertise in the setup and running of a pilates- based rehabilitation centre.

Audrey teaches: ABC: Anatomy Basics & the Core | Anatomy in 3D | Pilates Mat 1, 2 | Pilates Reformer 1, 2, 3 | Core Align 1, 2, 3 | Apparatus 1, 2, 3 | Balanced Body Pilates Examiner | GYROTONIC Pre-Training
Find Audrey at Guthrie House | Robertson Walk