The Movement Academy is proud to be a center for GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® instruction here in Singapore, with trainers available locally as well as with  international Authorized Master Trainers who are brought in from abroad to conduct courses. The training acquired by the student is recognized and used by GYROTONIC® Trainers worldwide in therapeutic, dance, alternative health, and sports and sports-related facilities.  For more information, please visit the GYROTONIC® Health Network website.

Trainings at The Movement Academy:

  1. Level 1 Pre-Training
    1. Authorized Pre-trainers available locally
    2. Pre-training can also be conducted on an individual basis (additional costs apply)
    3. Successful completion required to take Foundation Course
    4. With instructor approval, can be taken by regular clients as an intensive to deepen their understanding of their practice.
  2. Foundation Training Course
    1. Conducted by Authorized Master Trainers and Master Trainers only, arriving from abroad
    2. Successful completion of the Level 1 Pre-training and Foundation Training enables the participant to be a licensed GYROTONIC® Apprentice.
  3. Apprenticeship and Apprentice Review Course
    1. If pursuing Certification, Apprenticeship must involve 60 practice teaching hours (other options involving fewer practice teaching hours and retaking parts of the Foundation course are also possible).
    2. Mentorship Packages are available through TMA for equipment rental for required practice teaching and self-practice.
    3. Apprentice Review Course conducted by Authorized Master Trainers and Master Trainers only, arriving from abroad.
  4. Final Certification
    1. Conducted by a Gyrotonic Specialized Master Trainer appointed by Gyrotonic International Headquarters. 
    2. It is an education course and it is also a practical assessment of students' teaching skills and their understanding of the Gyrotonic Level 1 curriculum.
    3. Upon successfully completing the Gyrotonic Level 1 Final Certificate Course, students are considered Certified Gyrotonic Trainers, and are granted a trademark use license.
  5. Continuing Education: Specialty Equipment Courses, Applications Courses
    1. Courses in each of the Special Equipment pieces: Archway, GYROTONER®, Jumping Stretch Board, Leg Extension Unit
    2. Taught by Master Trainers from abroad
    3. GYROTONIC® Applications courses also exist that may be offered, such as for scoliosis, in the context of osteopathy, for high level athletes, golf, tennis, etc.