Aparna Shah

Balanced Body® Educator (Mat & Reformer)
Physiotherapist (BPt, MHS) 
Polestar Pilates Certified Instructor
Certified in Dry Needling

Aparna graduated as a physiotherapist in 2002, and since has worked with orthopaedic, neurologic, paediatric and geriatric populations. Her passion has always been to help those with movement disorders - adults with stroke, children with cerebral palsy. Her mum's menopause-related depression and osteoporosis introduced her to Pilates. Attending semi-privates with her gave Aparna a deeper understanding of the importance of the inner unit in our day-to-day living. The importance of exercise in those with depression was also highlighted through these sessions. The concept of mindful exercise appealed to her, and she decided to  undertake formal Pilates training as an instructor. Aparna used the exercises she learned to get the immobile mobile again. The joy on her patient's faces fed her passion. She has rehabilitated those with spinal cord injuries back to work; and has placed a wheelchair-bound patient with low confidence and brittle bones back into the driver's seat of her car.

Pilates is a modality she believed would help her achieve her aims in rehabilitation as well as in "preventive physiotherapy". She did her comprehensive Pilates training with Polestar Pilates; and then shifted to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur to work as a senior Physiotherapist with The Moving Body. Subsequent to that, she has become a Master Instructor/Faculty Educator for Balanced Body Pilates. Under The Movement Academy, she conducts Pilates training courses for those who are interested in becoming Pilates Instructors.

As a physiotherapist, Aparna is all about empowering her patients to be independent. As an educator, she is all about exchanging ideas and knowledge. She currently conducts Mat and Reformer courses at The Moving Body in Singapore.

Aparna teaches: Movement Principles | Pilates Mat 1, 2, 3 | Pilates Reformer 1, 2, 3