Shuri Kino

Gyrotonic Pre-trainer
Gyrokinesis Certified
Gyrotoner Certified
Leg Extension Unit Certified
Jumping Stretching Board Certified
Balanced Body Reformer Certified
Shuri's brush with  Gyrokinesis was not by chance, she discovered  Gyrokinesis while searching for ways to improve her movement and breathing during her dance performances. She took the training course and has never looked back. 

Shuri began teaching  Gyrokinesis specifically to performing artists and then started a corporate programme teaching office workers in maintaining health and well-being through  Gyrokinesis. Shuri finds fulfilment in helping clients especially office workers to tackle their disorders and pain caused by the modern lifestyle. 

In 2011, she took the  Gyrotonic training qualification and commenced teaching at a specialised  Gyrotonic and  Gyrokinesis studio in Osaka, Japan.
She has continued to develop her professional skills by attending instructor training courses in Japan and all over the world. 

Shuri hopes to spread the method as a way to improve the lives of busy working adults. 

Shuri teaches:  Gyrotonic Level 1 Pre-Training